What to name it

If tomorrow comes!

Well, this is not about Sidney Sheldon’s renowned novel, but one of the thoughts in my mind. Being a Chennaiite, you just can’t escape atleast a few hours spend in traveling. I am no exception, too. And travel expands your mind’s horizons, letting you watch the people around and yourself. Few weeks back, while I was returning home, it happened that a family became my co-traveller. That was a small family consisting a young motherwith her son and daughter.

Looking at their activities made me think of the quality of life of the next generation. All I noticed was the children eating the so called ‘yummy and delicious’ packaged chips (some chips packet the name of which I am not aware of), with earphones of a mobile phone plugged onto their ears. Not to mention, they were wearing BIG glasses. A picture of the future generation flashed as an image in my mind and uhhh..

Where is the age when parents fed their children with green vegetables and fruits? I know, that hasn’t become completely extinct but the quality of  life has definitely deteriorated, thanks to the manufacturers of packaged food. The average strength of infants must have been seen to have gone down if a survey is taken now. I am sure to look out for surveys on this in near future.

One of the webpage on this says, “Usually, human body has a good capacity to handle electrolytes and chemicals used in these preservatives. However, excessive and long-term usage can cause toxicity. Those suffering from organ damage — kidney, heart and liver — need to be extra-cautious,” said Dr Anoop Mishra, chairman, Fortis’ Centre of Excellence in Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic Diseases and Endocrinology.”

Completely stopping the usage of packed foods is not possible though steps can definitely be taken to control its proliferation.

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